An AZ Reader Says Recruiting Foreign-Born Tennis Players Hurt His Son`s Scholarship Chances
September 07, 2007, 05:00 AM
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From: Tad Lindstrom (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column: Another Thing American Kids Can`t Do—Play Tennis

I am the publisher of Sun Tennis Magazine.

Guzzardi`s column on college tennis and the abuse of some universities recruitment of foreign-born players is a great journalism job on an important subject.

The issue of foreign-born players on U. S. college tennis teams hits home to a lot of us. We are parents of a nationally highly-ranked 19-year-old boy who got only one offer of a partial scholarship. It would cost him $25,000 more per year to be the university`s number one player. Instead, he has chosen to go to community college just so he can play tennis.

The 4.5 scholarships limit for men`s tennis imposed by the NCAA is discriminatory and contradictory to Title IX.  We are doing some articles on this subject in our upcoming issues.

Joe Guzzardi comments: Foreign-born players remain a major topic at this year`s U.S. Open. USA Network commentators Ted Robinson and Tracy Austin remarked about the achievements of John Isner, a player at the University of Georgia ranked #839 in the world who reached into the third round before losing the world`s #1 player Roger Federer. Robinson and Austin agreed that it was unusual for an American to be on a major university`s tennis team