An "Americans First Democrat" Says GOP Congressmen WON`T Save Their Jobs By Denying Votes To Amnestied Illegals
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August 19, 2013, 02:59 AM
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item Exclusive: Text Of RNC Resolution On “National Immigration Policy Reform” (Amnesty With No New Democrat Voters)

From: Americans First Democrat [Email him]

This Republican strategy of allowing legalization of illegals but opposing citizenship (i.e. the right to vote) misses a key point. These immigrants, while not voting, are still driving down the wages of and displacing people that can vote.

The real demographic death spiral facing Republicans is economic. Romney`s 47%ers. This number has grown from approximately 30% prior to the immigration surge. Most aspects of "immigration reform" currently being discussed, if implemented, will only accelerate this.

But honestly, for a long time now, Republicans have been contributing to this demographic death spiral. And not just with immigration but other wage-depressing policies as well.

I don`t expect them to discontinue their politically suicidal agenda. But I hope I`m wrong and they realize they`re nearing the end of an unsustainable path.