A Washington State Reader Says Qualified Teachers Lose Out In The Race To Diversify The Classroom
July 26, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: Matt Parrott (e-mail him)

Re: Christina Neal`s Letter: A Washington State Reader Is Flabbergasted That Her State Is Importing Foreign-Born Teachers

There are many arbitrary, absurd barriers to hiring teachers such as requiring someone with a PhD in math to get an additional Master`s of Education or a teaching certificate which can take years to complete.

State bureaucrats could easily drop some of those unnecessary requirements to hire thousands of unemployed math and physics Ph.D`s to teach.

Yet Seattle Public Schools (website in ten languages) goes to the Dominican Republic, not known as a math powerhouse, to recruit teachers. The district hired a black Dominican, Francisco Size, and assigned him to Rainier Beach High School, a nearly all black school where he failed miserably.

This is incredible since the Seattle Public School District plans to lay off nearly 175 teachers this summer. [Seattle Public Schools to Lay Off Teachers, by Nick Eaton, SeattlePI.com, May 12, 2009]

This entire scenario is secretly driven by the ethnic cronyism and minority-hire quota policies that rule SPS behind the scenes.

I would wager that as many has half of the black, Indian, Chinese as well as all the other minority teachers are hired by their co-ethnics under "diversity" quota requirements.

Parrott is a retired school administrator living in Oregon.