A Texas Reader Sees A TV Show About Earth’s Invasion By Space Aliens—Guess Who The Real Villains Turn Out To Be!
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July 15, 2011, 05:00 AM
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Re: A Reader Reports Hollywood Is Making Movies About Imaginary Hate Crimes—Committed By Guess Who

From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

After reading the letter about Stir of Echoes, I had to tell you guys about what I just finished watching.

Falling Skies is a new sci-fi series about ordinary Earth people fighting back against an alien (outer-space variety) invasion that has destroyed all the Earth`s militaries, governments, and most of its inhabitants. It started a few weeks ago on TNT, but I just got around to seeing it.

In the two-hour premiere, guess who turns out to be the worst enemy of our brave band of multicultural resistance-fighters? The spider-like aliens, or their killer robots? Don`t be silly! You know the answer!

The nastiest, most brutal and most evil villains are a gang of white racists. After capturing several resistance fighters, they take them to an abandoned school`s auditorium, which is decorated with a shiny Nazi eagle. Although there is no use of the N-word or other ethnic insult, the white thugs note the presence of a black and Asian amongst their captives. This is a tip-off to viewers who missed the eagle that these white guys are extra bad— they notice race. Naturally, they`re also misogynists, having serially raped the previously-captured girl (who later kills two of them and enables the good guys to escape).

On the bright side, the racists don`t have Southern accents, maybe because Falling Skies takes place in Massachusetts.

Martin, is a former Army officer and high school teacher descended from cowboys, Texas Rangers, and railroad workers. See his previous letters.