A Talk Radio Listener Says Immigrant Are Finding New Ways Of Using Child Labor
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog item Sanctuary City: New Yorker Mows Down Illegal Alien Bike Delivery Child Laborer

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

Yesterday afternoon, two Spanish-speaking black boys boarded the northbound Lexington Avenue Express at 14th St. One was about 12 and the other about 6. The younger boy carried a small display box of assorted candy bars and packed snacks. They must have been en route to their assigned sales territory, where the customers would be entirely Hispanic. I've seen younger children "selling" snacks (actually begging) in Mexico. The 12-year-old is the pimp who makes sure that the 6-year-old does his job and hands over the money.

James Fulford writes: Also, when you see a child hawking chocolate bars for charity, the charity is frequently fake. See below:


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