A Spanish Speaking Reader Says "Quiero Denunciar A Alguien"—We Say She`s Out Of Luck
June 26, 2011, 05:00 AM
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Re: Juan Mann`s FAQ: How can someone REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS or criminal alien residents to the federal government?

From: Claudia

Subject: "Quiero Denunciar A Alguien"

Hola hay personas que no merecen estar en USA, es un pais de oportunidades, pero hay personas que mejor se regresen a asu pais, me pueden contestar en español.

James Fulford writes: I got this in email, and had no idea what it meant. Google Translate didn`t help, so I had to ask Allan Wall to explain it. What she`s saying is

I want to report someone

"Hello, there are persons that don`t deserve to be in the U.S.A., it is a country of opportunities, but there are persons that should return to their country, you can answer me in Spanish."

Well, no, I can`t. I`ll ask Allan Wall, who can, to send her a note, but the answer is that unless she can show evidence of some additional crime, the government won`t do anything. (We`ve had letters like this before.)

If you contact ICE by telephone—you can`t email them—then it`s likely that someone there will be able to speak Spanish, but people who`ve spoken to them in English say they simply refuse to act.

Contact information is here:http://www.ice.gov/contact/

And you can  call ICE toll-free at 1-866-DHS-2ICE, (866-347-2423) but when you consider that ICE bureaucrats have been saying they don`t want to hear from local sheriffs, and that John Morton, head of the agency, has just issued a memo with an entire list of excuses for not acting, then there isn`t much hope—as long as the Obama administration controls who gets deported. That  doesn`t have to be forever. In fact, it doesn`t have to last beyond 2012. But changing the enforcement culture will still take years.