An Unreconstructed Southern Reader Wonders If Trayvon`s Parents Can Be Sued For The Injuries Zimmerman Suffered
July 16, 2013, 02:24 AM
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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog item Obama Restarts Hate Crime Investigation Of Zimmerman

From: Unreconstructed Southerner [Email him]

If Trayvon Martin was 17 years old, aren`t his parents legally liable for his actions?

I`d be willing to contribute to George Zimmerman`s legal fund for suing Trayvon`s parents for the injuries Zimmerman suffered.  I wonder if this might be a way of bringing a bit of sanity into the business.

Of course, the Obama Administration isn`t alone in its lawless pursuit of those it deems worthy of conviction—Bobby Kennedy`s setting up a special task force to convict Jimmy Hoffa was of a piece with this, and, as far as Republicans go, so was Abraham Lincoln`s totally lawless arrest of legally elected Maryland and Kentucky legislators.

James Fulford writes: The Martin family has received a million dollar payout from the Homeowners Association as a result of their own litigation, and it would be poetic if they lost it in a subsequent lawsuit.

However, while they may be in some sense morally responsible for Trayvon`s upbringing, particularly his racial attitudes, I don`t believe you can sue parents for the behavior of criminal teens, since for years we`ve been having Child Protective Services tell them they`re not allowed to punish their children.

Better targets for lawsuits include the Miami School that suspended Trayvon Martin, instead of charging him, and NBC News, which edited Zimmerman`s call to the police to make him appear racist.