A Reader Wonders Why We Aren`t Hearing More About Unfurloughed Immigrants; We Explain
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May 22, 2013, 02:52 AM
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Re: A Department Of Defense Insider Reports Who ISN`T Being Furloughed: H1-B Visa Holders! and A Naturalized American Citizen Resents The DOD Furlough Exemption For H1 Visa Holders

From: An Inquisitive Reader [Email him]

This looks like a story that the mainstream press needs to pick up on. Especially Defense Language Institute, because it`s run like a Gulag. Any leads on this story? I`d love to see the New York Times, or other major paper, run this story on their front page.

James Fulford writes: This isn`t a secret, really. An unclassified memorandum available on the DoD website lists the people who are and aren`t being furloughed, and explains why, in the case of the 257 Defense Language Institute H-lBs.

"20 CFR 655.73 1 [PDF] requires that the employer of a H-lB non-immigrant who is not performing work and is placed in a nonproductive status due to a decision by the employer (e.g., placed in a non-pay/non-duty status due to administrative furlough) pay the salaried employee the full pro-rata amount due, or to pay the hourly-wage employee for a full-time week (40 hours or such other number of hours as the employer can demonstrate to be full-time employment for hourly employees, or the full amount of the weekly salary for salaried employees) at the required wage for the occupation."[Furlough Memorandum, (PDF) From: Chuck Hagel, SecDef, May 14, 2013]

So DOD`s claim is that furloughing the H-lBs wouldn`t save the government money, because it`s subject to the regulations that protect immigrants, and are supposed to keep the greedy employer from displacing Americans.

But seriously, the New York Times is never going to run a story about immigrant displacement of American workers on its front page, unless it can call them "entrepreneurs" or "victims of prejudice."