A Reader Wonders if Peter Brimelow`s Unassimilated English Accent Is Exaggerated
February 02, 2009, 04:00 AM
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Re: Peter Brimelow`s Appearance On The Tom Roten Show

David Webb <email him > wrote:

Hi, I am English and have no essential trouble understanding Peter Brimelow`s accent, but I have to say the links to the audios you post are truly dreadful. [Audio of Tom Roten Show, MP3 ]First of all, I think he hams up his regional English accent.

Nearly any Englishman in North America for decades develops a more neutral accent, unless somehow he views it as a trademark or a brand or otherwise tries to ham it up. His accent is probably incomprehensible to most Americans.

Second, on every audio file I have ever heard, his voice goes loud and soft, and on that Roten show link at least 25% of his words are totally inaudible. I would guess he doesn`t know how to use a microphone. These audios are just dreadful. I think your site could do with more audio content, but please pay attention to audibility.


James Fulford writes: I`m afraid we aren`t responsible for audio quality–we just post the links from the Roten show. It was a telephone interview.

As for Peter`s modified Lancastrian accent, (it is modified—you`re hearing the “more neutral” version) if anything could be done about it, it would have been done years ago. Peter himself called it his “stubbornly-unassimilating English accent,”Linda Chavez referred to it as “his charming British accent that betrays his own foreign roots “and John Podhoretz once xenophobically complained that in a discussion with George Borjas , John Derbyshire, John O`Sullivan, and Peter Brimelow, he “was the only person speaking with an American accent.”

But if Brimelow hasn`t totally assimilated after all these years, what chance is there that all those people who don`t speak English at all will do so?