A Reader Thinks We`re Dishonest
May 12, 2007, 05:00 AM
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05/11/07 - A Baseball Fan Wonders Why No Clinics For Poor Whites In Appalachia

Re: Persecuted In Arizona For Quoting George Washington

From: Hiram Gazee [Email]

Your blurb on poor persecuted professor Kehowski is dishonest. He`s being reprimanded for a link to Buchanan`s site, not the Washington quote. You are not doing the conservative cause a favor by dissembling.

James Fulford writes: I  mentioned the Buchanan factor in the first paragraph of this item, if not in the title. It`s a fact that there are people these days who hate George Washington and Christopher Columbus just because they were white, but even if they didn`t object to George Washington, what`s wrong with the linking to the website of Pat Buchanan, author, columnist, television personality and former Presidential candidate? Sounds like a respectable public figure to me.