A Reader Remembers Deval Patrick`s Role In An Earlier Race Hoax
August 06, 2008, 05:00 AM
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Re: Governor Deval Patrick: "Together We Can"...Have Racial Preferences By Matthew Richer

Robin Corkery [Email ] writes

 I have just finished Matthew Richer`s superlative article on the odious Deval Patrick. It makes me think of holding my nose and voting for McCain. You might want to write a follow up piece on Patrick`s role in puffing the "black church burning" hoax while he was in the Clinton administration.

James Fulford writes: The definitive work on the black church burning hoax of the nineties was done by Michael Fumento, and is still available on the web at Fumento`s website. And Deval Patrick, an Assistant Attorney General under the Clinton administration, headed the investigation. No one seemed to notice that all churches are at risk for fire, (because they`re frequently unoccupied during the week, not inhabited, and have little spare money for sprinkler systems;  and that white churches caught fire more than black churches.