A Reader Notes A TWO Reports From Storm Lake, Iowa, Only One Of Which Is About Us And Steve King
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Rep. Ryan's "Ethics" Complaint Against Steve King, VDARE.com, Another Crazy "Guilt By No Association" Smear

From: Phil [Email him]

You probably noticed an article in the Storm Lake [Iowa]Pilot Tribune which quotes VDARE.com’s James Fulford

[Democratic Representative Tim] Ryan cited a HuffPost article published January 29 accusing King of continuing to use his government website to promote the website VDare.com, with he said was described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an “anti-immigration hate site” that promotes the work of white supremacists, anti-Semites and other radical right groups.

While King had not directly responded to the complaint, the VDare website challenged Ryan’s claims, saying that King has never endorsed to promoted the website, and only included one citation link to a VDare story in a section of King’s website about “Illegal immigration stories” with 132 stories. The article in question was titled “Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, is Granted Bail and Disappears,” and VDare implies that King’s camp probably chose to cite the story only because the headline involving an illegal alien would have shown up in a Google search, while other news coverage would not have mentioned the illegal status so prominently.

The article cited dates to 2016, and the citation has been on the King website since at least June of last year, when it was criticized by the website MediaMatters.org.

“There is, of course, almost no association between King and us, except for a common belief in immigration patriotism. This is about pathologizing that patriotism,” wrote James Fulford, who is credited as a VDare writer and editor, on the online blog. According to the site, VDare is a non-profit journalism project that “informs the fight to Keep America American.”

King also reportedly appeared on a panel on “The Failure of Multiculturalism” with VDare founder and author Peter Brimelow several years ago. King said he participated to talk about his English Language Unity Act.

Ethics complaint filed against Rep. King, Ernst irked at backlash caused by comments, February 6, 2019

After reading the Steve King article Fulford is quoted in, did you happen to click over to the homepage and read the top story of the day while you were on the Storm Lake Pilot Tribune website? 

SL man runs over two co-workers, February 6, 2019

joseStorm Lake Police were called to the Tyson pork plant early Saturday morning, where two pedestrians had been struck and injured by a vehicle.

Officers located the female victims near the security office of the plant. One was suffering from serious upper body and facial injuries and the second had a leg injury. Both victims were transported by ambulance to the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Police located the driver of the vehicle and identified him as Jose Balcazar-Gudino, age 63. He too was transported to the medical center for treatment.

Police say Balcazar-Gudino was intoxicated when driving to work, entering the semi-truck entrance of the plant then attempting to cross into the employee lot by driving over a pedestrian walkway. His vehicle struck a chain-link fence and utility box. After knocking them down he drove over them and continued forward, hitting the two pedestrians before the vehicle became impaled on a metal guardrail. [More]

I am guessing Jose is here legally, but it doesn't sound like the Pilot Tribune was interested in that enough to investigate.

James Fulford writes: It's possible that Tyson Foods is hiring legal Hispanic immigrants to displace American workers (an old story) but I don't think that the two women transported  by ambulance to the local hospital would feel any better for the knowledge that than man who drove into them while drunk had a Green Card in his pocket. The same thing applies, obviously, to the victims of Mexican rapists. It doen't make any difference to the victim if the rapist has a work permit, et cetera.



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