A Reader In Puerto Rico Wonders About Mark Sanchez`s Language Skills
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February 21, 2010, 04:00 AM
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From: Roy Sievers (e-mail him)

Allan Wall`s Blog: I`m 100 Percent Mexican Says Mark Sanchez

As Puerto Rico resident, New York Jet fan and regular VDARE.COM reader, I`m fascinated at Mark Sanchez`s excellent Spanish.

In his column, Joe Guzzardi cited an ESPN article about Sanchez that didn`t mention that he speaks Spanish. I`m sure if Sanchez did, ESPN journalist Jorge Arangure would have made a big deal of it. [¡Viva Sanchez! by Jorge Arangure Jr, ESPN Magazine, August 11 2008]

Yet the link in Wall`s blog to the story indicates that in less than two years (most of it spent on the football field) Sanchez has developed a masterful command of Spanish. [Yo Soy Mexicano: Mark Sanchez, El Universal, February 6, 2010] 

Something isn`t quite right here. The most likely spin is that Sanchez`s Spanish is limited but that El Universal completely cleaned it up before publishing its story.

Or maybe Sanchez read from crib notes?

Sanchez is either a brilliant linguist or this is yet more dishonesty from the mainstream media.

Sievers is a financial executive in the leisure industry. He was born in California. Previous letters from Sievers about the U.S.-Haiti immigration policy and whether Puerto Ricans consider themselves Americans are here and here.