A Reader Calls Senator Grahamnesty`s Office, Explains Facts Of Life
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November 18, 2012, 02:01 AM
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From: An Anonymous Constituent Of Lindsey Graham [Email Him]

I`ve been spending some time calling our sell-out Republican politicians this week. As you can probably guess I`ve been berating them for being such turncoats.  Today`s call to Senator Grahamnesty`s office was uniquely fun and successful.[ note: The senior Senator from South Carolina was christened Lindsey Graham,[Twitter] and sworn in under that name, but Google brings up thousands of hits for “Lindsey Grahmnesty.” ]

I made a big effort to start off being soft and polite so I could engage the call taker.

Me: "I`ve heard that Senator Graham is trying to pass comprehensive immigration reform".

Call taker: "Yes"

Me: "How is that going to help Republicans".

Call taker: (in a real smug voice) "We`re not trying to help Republicans, were trying to solve a problem!".

Me: "I know you`re not trying to help Republicans! That`s what we`ve been trying to tell you! An amnesty will just further marginalize Republicans!

After you give amnesty to the illegals they will not vote Republican, They vote Democrat because they want a check from the government. Then when you betray all the Republicans we won`t show up on election day! That will make you a double loser! Do you want to be a double loser?!"

Call taker:"Okay, I see your point, I`ll pass it on."

Me: "Thank you".

I can`t believe that I finally got someone to understand! And I can`t believe that I finally got Lindsey Grahamnesty`s office to finally admit that they are not trying to help Republicans!

I`m a big fan of your web site. Keep up the great work!