A Reader Asks Why John Sidney McCain Is Calling Himself "Irish" In The NEW YORKER
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July 01, 2013, 04:46 AM
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Re: John Derbyshire On The Origins Of The Amnesty/Immigration Surge Bill: Getting To Treason

From: Joe Walker [Email Him]

John Derbyshire quoted Ryan Lizza as saying

McCain could hardly contain himself as he recited the story of how the Heritage report backfired. “Ka-boom!” he yelled. “That was a gift from God . . . But, yeah, those low-I.Q. Hispanics, I’ll tell ya, that was really revealing to me, I had no idea.” McCain, who is of Irish heritage, added, “We’ve always known that about the Irish.”[ Getting to Maybe: Inside the Gang of Eight’s Immigration Deal, June 24, 2013]

I don`t know why McCain claims to be Irish when his ancestry is actually Scottish and English.

See previous letters from Joe Walker.

James Fulford writes: I don’t know either.McCain’s ancestors did come from Ireland, but they weren’t Irish. McCain is what’s called Scots-Irish.

That means he`s descended from Scotsmen who settled in Ireland among the Irishmen (who didn’t like it) and then moved to America because they considered fighting wild Indians, bears, and wolves would be a relatively soft option. See Derry-do on the frontier [The Scotch-Irish in America]by Peter Brimelow.  I. E. McCain’s not descended from the same people as Teddy Kennedy, but from Teddy Kennedy’s mortal enemies.