A Reader Asks If Our Broccoli Comes From Mexico, Why Do We Need All Those Agricultural Workers In America?
July 27, 2008, 05:00 AM
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Re: A Reader Says A CDC Cover-Up For Mexico Leaves American Tomatoes Rotting On Vines

From: Gayle Sollenberger (e-mail her)

I agree, that when I first heard about the tomato problem, I immediately surmised that the problem probably started in Mexico, even after they started reporting that Mexican tomatoes were okay.  I only heard cover-up

And I also agree 100% that American should avoid Mexican produce.  But have you ever tried to find even a bag of broccoli that doesn`t say "Produce of Mexico"?  Is it possible that there isn`t a farmer left in this country that is growing broccoli?

But I have a question.  If we are importing Mexican produce, then how come we need all those illegals, who, according to President Bush and our other illustrious politicians, are doing the work that Americans won`t do?

And another even scarier question.   While I don`t really care that we are getting our better made cars from overseas, isn`t it dangerous for us to be depending on foreign countries for our food supply, considering how much we`ve told that there are so many foreign governments that hate us.  What happens when they decide to cut off our food imports?

Sollenberger lives in Tennessee.