A Reader Accuses Us Of Hypocrisy Over St. Patrick`s Day
March 19, 2010, 04:00 AM
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Re James Fulford`s Blog Post: Happy Saint Patrick`s Day, 2010

An angry reader writes:

You people are complete hypocrites.

You rant about multiculturalism but you support St. Patrick`s Day.

By the way I agree with you about multiculturalism.

Why should my tax dollars go to celebrate a foreign holiday?

Should we celebrate every other foreign holiday?

James Fulford writes: Saint Patrick`s Day has been celebrated in America since 1737, and isn`t really multicultural anymore. Furthermore, we don`t actively support it, the way we do Christmas and the Fourth of July. We`re only hypocritical when we (insincerely) wish people a Happy Cinco De Mayo…and then suggest that they might want to celebrate it at home with their families.