A Puerto Rican Reader Explains Why He`s Pro-Statehood
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July 20, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Augosto Perez (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi`s Column: USA Libre! Why Can`t All Americans Vote On Puerto Rican Statehood

I`m a pro-statehood, registered Republican. If Puerto Rico became a state, the language of commercial and public government transactions would be English for practical, not ideological, reasons.

As to the political makeup of the island`s electorate, that may be a more fickle subject. Economically, most Puerto Ricans are conservative. Socially, like many from warm climates, they`re tolerant, even permissive.

For all the stateside wailing and screaming about "culture," Puerto Rico has already been Anglicized through decades of media pressure. [Puerto Ricans More Americanized Than Some Allentonians Realize, by David Vaida, Allentown Morning Call, April 25, 2000]

Statehood would be justice delayed for Puerto Rico. Since the Korean War, island natives have been over-represented on a per-capita basis on America`s war casualty list. [As its War Sacrifices Rise, Puerto Rico Debates U.S. Tie, by Brian Bender, Boston Globe, February 4, 2006]

I`m certain that even statehood`s most ardent opponents will agree that statehood is preferable to granting amnesty to more than 12 million illegal aliens who do not and never will consider themselves American.

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