A North Carolina Reader Begs To Differ With Steve Sailer Over His Congratulations To A New York Times Columnist
January 15, 2011, 04:00 AM
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From: John J. Pershing [Email him]

Re: Steve Sailer`s blog item: Good for Charles M. Blow

 Quote of the month ruined by an unrepentant NYT company owned poison pen leaking all over the page

"You can`t claim higher ground in a pit of quicksand."--Charles Blow  [The Tucson Witch Hunt, By January 14, 2011]

But Mr. Blow fouls up what would otherwise be a half decent op-ed with:  

" I have written about violent rhetoric before, and I`m convinced that it`s poisonous to our politics, that the preponderance of it comes from the right, and that it has the potential to manifest in massacres like the one in Tucson."