A New York Roman Catholic Says All The Immigration "Rats" Were At St. Patrick`s Cathedral For Archbishop Dolan`s Debut
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May 18, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: Louis Tessio (e-mail him)

If you needed to find a pro-open borders rat on April 29th, the place to be was St. Patrick`s Cathedral where newly appointed Archbishop Timothy Dolan concelebrated his Mass of installation.

According to The Catholic Herald, New York`s governor David Paterson, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senators Charles Schumer (immigration grade F-) and Kirsten Gillibrand (grade: C-) as well as dozens of political and union leaders attended. [Archbishop Nolan Installed in New York, The Catholic Herald, April 29, 2009]

Dolan read the epistle in Spanish and pledged himself to Spanish-speakers in their language during his homily. The prayer of the faithful was offered in seven other languages ranging from Irish to Igbo, spoken in Nigeria.

But a big, unmentioned difference is that the immigrants he praised are in New York illegally—my parents came to New York legally from Sicily.

Dolan is off to a record start to out-pander his retired predecessor Cardinal Edward M. Egan. That would be quite a feat. But based on his early performance, Dolan is up to the challenge.

Tessio is a waiter at a major New York hotel.