A New Jersey Reader Says White Flight Means Blacks Are At Greater Risk From Hispanics—Including Hispanic Police Officers
June 19, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: Pete Redner (e-mail him)

Last week in Passaic,  a 49-year- old black man was beaten up by Hispanic cop Joseph J. Rios while his partner Erica Rivera, daughter-in- law of Passaic`s corrupt former mayor Samuel Rivera, watched  on passively.

Both Rios and Rivera were suspended without pay; Rivera for filing a false police report in an effort to cover up the beating. [Fellow Officers Support Rios during Special Olympics Run, by William MacInnis, NewJersey.com June 12, 2009]

Since most whites have moved out of New Jersey`s inner cities, I expect to see more and more aggressive anti-black attacks by Hispanics including members of the police force.

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