A New Jersey Reader Says If McCain Has Any Hope Of Winning Republican Votes, He Must Fire Juan Hernandez
January 31, 2008, 04:00 AM
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From: C. Kaufmann (e-mail her)

Here is a Youtube video of Senator McCain taking a question about his hiring of Juan Hernadez as his so-called "Hispanic Outreach Advisor" Hernandez is the former Director of the Office of Mexicans Living Abroad. See the video with McCain`s reaction here.

Among many of Hernandez`s offensive quotes are these: "I never knew the border as a limitation. I`d be delighted if all of us could come and go between these two marvelous countries.``  And Mexican Americans from all generations should "think Mexico first."

McCain must fire Hernandez to have any chance at winning the Republican presidential nomination.

Kaufmann is a member of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (Alipac).

(VDARE.COM note: Reconquista Juan Hernandez is no stranger to us. We have accumulated an extensive archive of columns regarding him. Read them here. And Alipac`s president William Gheen has written for VDARE.COM. His essays are here).