A New Hampshire Reader Explains Senator Edward M. Kennedy`s Liberalism
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August 27, 2009, 05:00 AM
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From: John Connor (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne`s Blog: Senator Edward Kennedy: A Disaster For His Country

Ted Kennedy`s liberalism, most specifically regarding amnesty for illegal aliens, is a direct result of his guilt over Mary Jo Kopechne`s death. 

Kopecne was a devout Roman Catholic and a Civil Rights activist who in 1962 had moved to Montgomery, Alabama to teach at the Mission of St. Jude. 

As dedicated members of Robert Kennedy`s 1968 presidential staff, Kopechne and her fellow "Boiler Room Girls" were young idealists who almost certainly would have advocated for greater rights for immigrants, had that been a topic at the time.

As Kennedy grew older, he likely became increasingly overwhelmed by his guilt and tried to make amends to Kopechne by voting "compassionately" for amnesty.