A Houston Reader Wonders Why Black Flight From "Bad Neighborhoods" Isn`t Considered Racist
October 03, 2012, 03:25 PM
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Re: Steve Sailer`s blog post Did Anybody Ask The Neighbors Whether They Were Happier?

From: George Weinbaum [Email him]

The WSJ had an article, "Neighborhoods Confer Health, but Not Wealth", by Ben Caselman, September 21, 2012. Apparently Steve Sailer found a similar article to comment on. From the WSJ article

"Sabrina Oliver`s inner-city Baltimore neighborhood was so crime-ridden, she would come home to find drug dealers on her porch. ...Most of all, she said, she worried about her teenage son. `I didn`t want him to become friends with the neighborhood kids,` Ms. Oliver said. `You lose your kids that way, either to death or prison`."

WSJ Picture

Oliver appears photograph to be  an African-American. What racism! She doesn`t want her little "Trayvon" "`in  become friends with the neighborhood kids`." Would she prefer her "Trayvon" to  befriend George Zimmerman? Or Mitt Romney`s kids? What`s wrong with the "neighborhood kids" anyway?

 James Fulford writes: Both the WSJ and the NYT piece that Sailer commented on were based on the same Science article: Neighborhood Effects on the Long-Term Well-Being of Low-Income Adults, September, 2012. What`s wrong with Ms. Oliver`s former neighborhood is that it`s a black neighborhood, and what`s wrong with the teenagers is that they`re black teenagers.

And yes, if a white single mother asked the welfare authorities to remove her from a neighborhood because she was surrounded by blacks, that would be racist. But when Ms. Oliver does it, it isn`t. That`s the law, and if you don`t believe me, you can ask Attorney General Eric Holder.