A Fed-Up-With-Globalism-Reader Offers Additional Explanations For Lowered White Female Employment, Life Expectancy
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October 09, 2013, 01:12 AM
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Re: James Fulford’s blog item The ATLANTIC: White Female High School Dropouts Dying Younger, Getting Fewer Jobs, "No-One Knows Why." We Have A Suggestion.

A Fed-Up-With-Globalism-Reader [Email him]

James Fulford says in his blog post that

For white low-wage employees, the difference between America "a few decades ago" and today is explained by mass immigration. Those women would have more jobs and better jobs if it weren`t for millions and millions on low-wage immigrants.

In addition to legal and illegal immigration, an off-shored economy (NAFTA and GATT) and so-called "right to work" laws (at minimum wages) are to blame as well.

James Fulford writes: I would not personally have included "right to work" laws because for one thing, I don’t think unions would necessarily help, given their recent positions. Pat Buchanan discussed the recent success of such laws in a column titled The Fall Of The House Of Labor: Unions Are Dying Because Economic Patriotism Is Dead. When neither capitalists nor labor leaders are willing to fight for American prosperity, we’re in trouble.