A Dallas Reader Experiences A Benefit Of Diversity: The Hispanic Welfare Class
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February 12, 2014, 02:41 AM
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 Re: Linda Thom’s article Hispanic Maternal Poverty—Another Problem That Amnesty Won’t “Get Behind Us.”

From: Roger Chaillet [Email him]

I dropped a family member off last night at his buddy`s house.

Driving home I passed a 24-hour check cashing service at the intersection of Coit and Spring Valley Roads in North Dallas. The check cashing building was lit up like a Las Vegas casino. All the neon signs affixed to the building were broadcasting in Spanish only. Across the street from it was a dental clinic.  Naturally, the clinic accepted Medicaid and CHIP (Children`s Health Insurance Program).  Immediately adjacent to the clinic was a tax service office.  Illegal aliens use ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Numbers) in order to claim the Earned (sic) Income Credit of over $2,000 per American (sic) child. Thus the need for a tax service catering to those who work in the underground economy.

And towering above the barrio`s strip center?

An English language billboard asking for food donations for the North Texas Food Bank.  

You can`t make this stuff up.

Roger Chaillet has written us many letters, for which we are very grateful.