A California Reader Says There`s No Free Lunch—Except For Illegal Alien Kids
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July 10, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Preston Parrish, III (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker`s Blog: California Free Food Gets Many Takers

Attention Marjorie Hernandez, reporter for California`s Ventura County Star who wrote about the "free lunch" program for alien parasites (email her)!

The lunches don`t "come from" the Ventura Unified School District, aren`t free and are not for your garden variety, All-American girls and boys.

A more accurate statement would be that the lunches "come from" me. They are paid for by my tax dollars. The program isn`t for just any "kid" but rather for illegal alien children or anchor babies. [Lunch Program Feeding lKids Through Summer, by Marjorie Hernandez, Ventura County Star, July 10, 2010)]

California should consider changing its state insignia to a brown outstretched hand, palm up.

Parrish, a community college music teacher, wrote previously about the untrustworthy Meg Whitman here.