A CA Reader Dreams That Arizona`s New Immigration Law Might Result In Obama`s Arrest
April 25, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Angie Saxon (e-mail her)

Re: Brenda Walker`s Blog: Arizona`s Crackdown Bill Is Signed Into Law

Here`s some wishful thinking.

SB 1070 which allows law enforcement to ask suspected illegal aliens to produce proof of their immigration status has been trashed by a man many suspect is neither a citizen nor a legal resident of the United States: President Barrack Obama

So-called "birthers" might score a two-fer if an astute Arizona cop—practicing the non-preferential treatment given to wheel-chaired grandmas, nursing mothers and elderly vets at U.S. airports—asks Obama to produce proof of immigration and citizenship status the next time he enters Arizona


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