Sailer and VDARE.COM In NYT
October 24, 2004, 05:00 AM
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Steve Sailer`s piece on Kerry`s IQ has generated a lot of interest. Old Media: The New York Times`s John Tierney mentions it, and us,  in a story called Secret Weapon for Bush?, October 24, 2004. New Media: #28 on the Daytop Top 40, with links around the blogosphere. (Two Blowhards,  Roger Schlafly, Pajama Journal,  John Ray, Wizbang)

Colby Cosh: "His finding? You guessed it—the Republican dummy is the smart one."

The Mighty Barrister: "here`s an intelligent and comprehensive analysis of the similar tests taken by the two men, compiled by Steve Sailer."

Matt Welch writes on

Do You Care About the Candidates` IQs? Me neither. But for those who take nourishment from detailed political irrelevance, this Steve Sailer column is positively swimming in intelligence-test minutiae.

With all due respect to Welch, who can be a fairly bright guy, everyone is interested in Bush`s alleged stupidity, and Kerry`s alleged brightness, including the readers of Reason.Com`s Hit and Run blog.

Saying we`re not interested is like the "not interested in Bill Clinton`s sex life" meme that was popular during his failed impeachment.

Yes, there were better reasons for impeaching him, but everyone was interested in his sex life.