Immigration Patriots And Vaccine Skeptics—A Natural Alliance?
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See, earlier, by Michelle Malkin: Fight for the Freedom to Question Vaccines and Vaccine Skeptics Under Siege By Tech Totalitarians

If GOP strategists really think the party is having trouble with suburban white women because they of what they wrongly believe to be a nasty anti-immigrant racial animus, here’s an idea: seek common cause with the very many suburban moms worried about mandatory vaccination—and make sure they know that Open Borders and mass immigration isn’t helping their cause or the health of their children. Unvaccinated “migrants” from the Third World bring Third World diseases, some of them fatal. You can’t fight the statist push for more and more childhood vaccinations if a disease-bearing horde is crossing the border every day.

Disclaimer: takes no position on the mandatory vaccination controversy or on anything else not directly related to the National Question. But these issues clearly overlap.

Vaccine skeptics who want to decide what health measures are best for their kids are an implicit white community. Yes, Orthodox Jews and other groups oppose compulsory vaccination, but most skeptics are middle- and upper-class whites [Trying To Convince Orthodox Jews To Vaccinate, New York Messes Up The Yiddish, by Elizabeth Cohen, CNN, May 22, 2019].

Consider these headlines:

Those headlines suggest that our cultural civil war has never been between whites and minorities, contrary to the Main Stream Media stereotype, but between Good Whites and Bad Whites.

Problem is, white people who work together to exercise their sovereign rights are, these days, guilty of a grievous Thought Crime. This explains the MSM’s frequent Two Minutes Hate against “anti-vaxxers.” The Washington Post’s Juliette Kayyem has argued that parents who decline to vaccinate their children should be arrested and prosecuted  [Antivaxxers are dangerous. Make them face isolation, fines, arrests, April 30, 2019]. Scribes at the Boston Herald think parents who decline vaccinations should be hanged [Preying on Parents’ Fear, May 8, 2017]. That’s quite something given that Massachusetts doesn’t execute cop killers.

Yet beyond the obvious racial aspect of the Left’s campaign against white anti-vaxxers is the statist impulse behind it. The Left is pathologically devoted to socialized medicine and healthcare mandates for the obvious reason that if the government can control the public’s healthcare, they can control the public that depends on it.

Similarly, undermining the family unit removes an obstacle to the Left’s collectivist ambitions [The Left’s War on the Family, by Thomas S. Garlinghouse, American Thinker, February 24, 2004]. What better way to undermine the family than to seize control of medical decisions for children?

Thus, virtually every state has proposed legislation to make all childhood vaccinations 100 percent compulsory—a drive that began (where else?) in California, a political harbinger for the rest of the country. Here, on the dysfunctional Left Coast, we experience most every public policy disaster before the nationwide rollout.

In 2015, state Senator Richard Pan, a white-loathing Asian, successfully championed legislation that eliminated religious exemptions from childhood vaccination, despite extremely vocal public opposition [California Vaccination Bill 277 Signed By Governor, Becomes Law, by Tara Haelle, Forbes, June 30, 2015]. Pan promised, of course, that the new legislation would safeguard all medical exemptions, but that turned out to be a lie [Senator Richard Pan — HERO OR LIAR?, by Parents For Healthcare Rights, YouTube, May 5, 2017]. 

In 2019 on Facebook, Pan labeled medical exemptions a form of “white privilege” and passed legislation to effectively eliminate them [Childhood vaccine exemptions in California would need state OK under new bill, by Alex Koseff, San Francisco Chronicle, March 26, 2019].

Now even if your child has suffered a serious vaccine injury, he will almost certainly have to be vaccinated again.

Unfortunately, this political virus recently spread to New York state, which eliminated virtually all religious and medical exemptions in one day [Get Vaccinated or Leave School: 26,000 N.Y. Children Face a Choice, Sharon Otterman, New York Times, September 3, 2019].

Every state is now vulnerable to this tyranny. A little history helps explain why: Vaccination policy was born in the darkest depths of the Deep State swamp.

The two costliest mistakes of Ronald Reagan’s presidency occurred in 1986: the signing of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (for obvious reasons) and the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Because the pharmaceutical industry was hemorrhaging money over vaccine injury lawsuits, the legislation indemnified the vaccine business. So the only product in America for which there is zero liability are childhood vaccines. If a vaccine damages or even kills your child, you cannot sue the manufacturer, or the doctor who prescribed the vaccine.

I have serious reservations,” said Reagan at the signing (who had similar reservations about the ‘86 amnesty that he also failed to heed) [Reagan Signs Bill On Drug Exports and Payment For Vaccine Injuries, by Robert Pear, New York Times, November 15, 1986].

It is surely no coincidence that as soon as childhood vaccination acquired zero liability, the number of required vaccines skyrocketed.

The legislation also shifted compensation for vaccine injury from the pharmaceutical companies onto taxpayers through the establishment of a Vaccine Injury Court, which has paid out over $4 billion to the families of vaccine-injured children.

If vaccines are really as safe and effective as our elites claim, then why all the hefty settlements?

You’re never going to see any of this on the evening news, of course, because Big Pharma spends more on lobbying than any other industry and is the second-largest buyer of media advertising [Think You’re Seeing More Drug Ads on TV? You Are, and Here’s Why, by Joanne Kaufman, New York Times, December 24, 2017].

And here’s something else you won’t see on the evening news that would show where vaccinations and immigration policy meet: Big Pharma also aggressively lobbies for Open Borders and foreign workers [Big Pharma Depends On Immigrants, It Kept Quiet About Trump’s Travel Ban, by Carolyn Y. Johnson, Washington Post, February 1, 2017].

And wouldn’t you know it, those who most vocally denounce vaccine skepticism routinely applaud mass immigration and are untroubled by the horde of illegal aliens swarming over the border with an incalculable number of diseases [Illegals Show Up At Border With Rotting Feet, Disease, Fevers, by Amber Athey, The Daily Caller, March 5, 2019].

Indeed, a pro-immigration editor at Time Magazine, Jeffrey Kluger, has called for Facebook to ban all groups that question vaccination policy [Facebook Must Shutdown the Anti-Vaxxers, Time, February 19, 2015]. Rep. Adam Schiff (NumbersUSA F-)—architect of the impeachment to remove President Trump, which would end any hope for a border wall—has formally asked all the Big Tech CEOs to do the same [Schiff Sends Letter to Amazon CEO Regarding Anti-Vaccine Misinformation,, March 1, 2019].

So mandatory vaccination and Open Borders are both classic expressions of  anarcho-tyranny. Which explains why vaccine skepticism has, like patriotic immigration reform, found itself in the crosshairs of Big Tech’s Deplatforming marksmen.

That, of course, would cripple the information flow to those parents—most of them suburban moms—who rely on social media to educate themselves on vaccine safety and who  work together to oppose mandates.

And that provides an opportunity for immigration patriots not only to help the GOP with suburban Moms but also move those Moms to support a halt to mass immigration, particularly the unvaccinated illegal aliens surging across the border at a rate of 40,000 a month.

Traditionally the GOP has done relatively poorly with suburban white women because they are especially susceptible to emotional appeals, such as immigrant sob stories.

But vaccine skeptics are invariably white women—Moms—recently mugged by reality. In California at least, these women understand that increasing mandatory vaccination is a direct result of the Third Worldization of the state. They have begun to acknowledge the world as it really is—or more exactly as they always knew it was but would not admit it is because of the aggressive socialization and assimilation required to be an accepted suburban Mom.

They now seem to understand what the GOP and Conservative Inc. do not: the more diverse the population, the more social distrust exists within it, and the less we work together to exercise our sovereign rights.

A nation of strangers cannot defend itself against the encroachments of the state, particularly when many of the strangers are Third World immigrants who don’t mind the encroachments, and in fact invite them because they come with free money.

Vaccine skeptics get it. And they are, helpfully, a highly effective grassroots army, just like the immigration patriots who continually pressure their representatives with well-informed faxes, phone calls, and district office visits [Genial Force Behind Bitter Immigration Overhaul, by Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times, December 3, 2014].

Thus the vaccine skeptics have won impressive victories in Leftist strongholds like New Jersey and Massachusetts simply because they understand the power of an organized citizenry speaking with one voice [Strict Vaccine Law Stumbles in N.J. Legislature, by Sharon Otterman and Tracey Tully, New York Times, December 16, 2019].

Donald Trump directly appealed to this constituency in 2016 and even promised to investigate vaccine safety after the election. But he has yet to deliver [Bill Gates convinced Trump to drop his anti-vaccine commission, by Stephen Neidenbach, Medium, May 18, 2018].

Immigration patriots and vaccine skeptics, then, aren’t the proverbial strange bedfellows one would think. In some sense, we’re sailing into battle against a common enemy—the Ruling Class elites who want to deny parents their traditional rights, and concomitantly flood the country to replace the Historic American Nation.

We are, as a practical matter, in the same boat. We must all grab an oar and start rowing together if we are to defeat our common enemy.

Matthew Richer (email him) is a writer living in Massachusetts. He is the former American Editor of Right NOW magazine.

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