By Brenda Walker on 05/19/2019
On Saturday, the Los Angeles Times front-paged an article with the headline “Concerns are raised over dam’s flood risk.” The structure in question is located in southern suburban California, and the dam’s failure could endanger numerous communities, including Anaheim and Disneyland. Should Mickey Mouse grab Minnie and run, as California now experiences a rare May rainy spell? I shouldn’t joke. Dam...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
From the New York Times: ‘They Were Conned’: How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers By Brian M. RosenthalMay 19, 2019 “They were conned”: Thousands of immigrant taxi drivers were trapped in exploitative loans by bankers who made huge profits. The drivers, chasing the dream of owning a New York taxi medallion, were left destitute, a Times investigation found. The phone call t...
By James Fulford on 05/19/2019
It’s acceptable in the MSM to ask if some institution created and maintained by white people is “too white”, as Steve Sailer notes below, writing You could write a computer program to generate these headlines: just take a noun that has positive connotations and then add “too white?” at the end. Is recycling too white? Is being concerned about climate change too white? Of course, many actual journ...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
From the New York Times: Australia Election Results: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Seizes a Stunning Win By Damien CaveMay 18, 2019 SYDNEY, Australia — Scott Morrison, Australia’s conservative prime minister, scored a surprise victory in federal elections on Saturday, propelled by a populist wave — the “quiet Australians,” he termed it — resembling the force that has upended politics in the Unite...
By James Fulford on 05/19/2019
From the New York Post: NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza has made whiteness ‘toxic’, DOE insiders claimBy Susan Edelman May 18, 2019 | 6:26pm | Updated Whiteness has become “toxic” under schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s regime, insiders charge. At least four top Department of Education executives who have been demoted or stripped of duties under Carranza’s sweeping reorganization ...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
From the New York Times opinion page: Black Women in Chicago, Getting Things DoneHow the rest of the country can follow them. A demonstrator blocking an intersection in 2015 after the shooting of Laquan McDonald in Chicago. Well those demonstrators certainly got things done in Chicago in 2016, as measured in incremental numbers of dead bodies of blacks murdered by other blacks. The total number...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
From the Wall Street Journal: Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal 5/18/19 | Melissa Korn, Jennifer LevitzPosted on 5/18/2019, 3:34:13 AM by Libloather BOSTON—The man behind the scheme to help wealthy students get into elite colleges by cheating on tests and faking athletic credentials also advised some families to falsely claim students were racial minori...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
iSteve commenter Triumph104 notes something interesting: Asian families use golf to get their daughters into elite colleges. For example, seven of the nine women on the Harvard golf team are Asian. In 2017, Arizona State won its 8th NCAA Championship since 1990 and had no Asians on the team. This year ASU still has no Asians on the women’s golf team. Arizona State is a vast school with 42,000...
By Steve Sailer on 05/19/2019
You could write a computer program to generate these headlines: just take a noun that has positive connotations and then add “too white?” at the end. Is recycling too white? Is being concerned about climate change too white? Etcetera Etcetera [Comment at]...
By Allan Wall on 05/18/2019
From the Wall Street Journal: The man behind the scheme to help wealthy students get into elite colleges by cheating on tests and faking athletic credentials also advised some families to falsely claim students were racial minorities, exploiting the push to diversify campuses, according to two people familiar with the situation.Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions ...


By John Derbyshire on 05/18/2019

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Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on

I got a little blast from the past reading Razib Khan's May 13th piece at National Review: Conservatives Shouldn't Fear Evolutionary Theory.

Just some background on Razib. I have known him for more than twenty years, since we were both on Steve Sailer's original Human BioDiversity discussion group. Razib is a geneticist, most particularly a population geneticist, with a wonderfully comprehensive knowledge of how the various peoples of the world differ from each other and how they got to be where they are.

Razib runs the Gene Expression blog at His May 11th post there on the Uighurs is pretty representative of his interests: history, religion, and population genetics.

Just a word of warning: If you feel you want to comment at that blog, let me tell you that Razib is a serious rival to Greg Cochran for the world championship of Not Suffering Fools Gladly. If you want to challenge him, just make quite sure you know what you're talking about.

Well, on Tuesday Razib published this piece at National Review. It’s is a polite and non-vituperative but very eloquent defense of the scientific approach in general, and of modern evolutionary biology in particular. Sample quote: "Nature is not wish fulfilment; reality is not constructed by social ideologies."

As I started by saying, this struck me as a blast from the past; and it stirred a peculiar kind of nostalgia in me. Let me try to explain that.

By Washington Watcher on 05/17/2019


Earlier by Washington Watcher: Kushner’s Plan Maybe Not DISASTROUS For Immigration Patriots, But Trump Should Go Back To RAISE Act Anyway

President Trump finally announced Jared Kushner’s much-anticipated immigration plan Thursday. It’s not as bad as the catastrophic Gang Of Eight bill or the various Bush Amnesty proposals. But it’s still an assault on American workers, shifting focus now to the educated middle class, and on the Historic American Nation.

The bill aims to make America’s immigration system more “merit-based” and move us away from chain migration. The merit-based part means that it will rapidly increase the number of skills-based visas, such as the H1b, in its implementation. Kushner’s plan keeps the number of visas issued every year the same. However, the plan’s stricter requirements may result in a modest reduction in immigration.

It also makes an effort to curb illegal immigration.

“Our proposal is pro-American, pro-immigrant and pro-worker,” Trump said in his White House announcement speech. “It’s just common sense. It will help all of our people including millions of devoted immigrants to achieve the American dream.” [Trump immigration plan revamps asylum, requires work skills and learning English, by Franco Ordonez, McClatchyDC, May 16, 2019]

The plan itself has not yet been released. But based on Trump’s announcement, various news reports, and the Watcher’s sources, we can get a fairly good picture of what’s good and bad about the plan.

The Good:

  • NO AMNESTY: The plan legalizes no illegal immigrants—not even DREAMers. That’s a major victory, considering previous proposed “comprehensive immigration reforms” all included Amnesty. Not so here.
  • Possible modest reduction in legal immigration: While the number of visas is kept the same, the new plan will make it much harder to obtain one. To be prioritized for a green card, applicants would need to be financially sound, speak English, and pass a basic U.S. civics test. The plan demands that nearly 60 percent of visas are apportioned to “highly-skilled” immigrant visas. In contrast, around 12 percent of the current intake is marked for high-skilled immigrants. These restrictions—if enforced—may make it doubtful all of these slots will be filled. As a result, America will probably take in fewer immigrants.
By Patrick J. Buchanan on 05/17/2019
Speaking on state TV of the prospect of a war in the Gulf, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei seemed to dismiss the idea. "There won't be any war. ... We don't seek a war, and (the Americans) don't either. They know it's not in their interests." The ayatollah's analysis—a war is in neither nation's interest—is correct. Consider the consequences of a war with the United States for his own coun...
By James Kirkpatrick on 05/16/2019

Ben Shapiro got DESTROYED, as one of his own fanboy videos might put it—and as he has admitted [Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro admits he was ‘destroyed’ after cutting short TV debate, by Rob Picheta, CNN, May 13, 2019]. Shapiro surprisingly lost his cool and cut short a BBC interview with UK media Big Foot Andrew Neil.

Back in the U.S., the Left and the Dissident Right were equally delighted (see here and here). But there’s more to say about how this exposes Conservatism Inc.’s inherent flaws—and Shapiro’s.

Shapiro, who appeared completely unprepared, committed several major blunders:

  • He bragged that “I’m popular, and no one has ever heard of you.” Neil, one of Britain’s most celebrated journalists, retorted (not particularly to his credit) that he had not heard of Shapiro either.
  • Shapiro pressed Neil to admit that the journalist was “on the left.” But Neil is a longtime conservative—Shapiro’s own website, The Daily Wire, had once praised him. [WATCH: British Journalist DESTROYS Argument That U.S. Sanctions, Not Socialism, Hurt Venezuela, February 7, 2019] Ironically, Neil’s “conservatism” has much in common with Shapiro’s: both were advocates of the Iraq War and are dogmatic immigration enthusiasts.
  • Neil successfully baited Shapiro by calling a recent anti-abortion bill in Georgia a return to the Dark Ages. Shapiro was thus pinned down on an allegedly hardline state law he didn’t seem to know anything about. However, he could have simply said that he was pro-life but couldn’t speak to the current status of state legislation, thus dodging the trap. Probably because of ego, he didn’t do this.
  • Neil casually mentioned that Shapiro is Jewish before confronting him with some rabidly pro-Israel tweets. Of course, this would never happen in the U.S., which has a vastly larger proportion of Jews than the U.K., and correspondingly stronger inhibitions. But Shapiro should not have been so rattled by this reference to something which is, after all, true—and arguably motivates his politics, from keeping the Middle East safe for Israel to sabotaging any expression of emerging white self-consciousness in America.
By Peter Brimelow on 05/15/2019


On March  7, I posted “PATRIOTS HAVE RIGHTS. THEY HAVE JUST NOT ORGANIZED TO DEFEND THEM—UNTIL NOW.” Peter Brimelow On’s First Amendment Civil Rights Suit Against CO Springs RINO Mayor John Suthers, which summarized of Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers’ attack on our First Amendment rights and its role in the 2017 cancellation of our planned Colorado Springs conference. Explaining our need to raise money to fight back, I wrote:

Litigation can be expensive, time-consuming and distressingly unpredictable. But, like the American immigration patriot movement in general, has entered what the Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu called “death ground”— we must fight or die.

We aim to spend money efficiently—to achieve specific tactical victories and begin to turn the tide of falsehoods and arbitrary abuses of power that will otherwise smother America’s quest for a patriotic immigration policy.

I also expect, as’s Editor, that opening this new legal front will generate some really interesting articles.

The law is on our side. Now we just need you. Please give generously.

I want to thank our wonderful readers who responded to this appeal.

And in particular, I’d like to thank our lawyer readers who went to the trouble of reading our brief and writing in with really helpful suggestions. As a financial journalist for 40 years,  I’ve long been aware that there are readers out there who will check all numbers posted in any article and point out mistakes with glee. It now materializes there is also a whole species of patriot lawyers out there willing to inspect and improve legal filings.

All too notoriously, the promise of the internet has been clouded in recent years by shadow-banning, deplatforming and assorted Silicon Valley Social Justice Warrior atrocities. We are resorting to legal action in considerable measure to stop them (more on this to come). But, in respect of crowd-sourced patriot litigation at least, the promise of the internet is still bright.

Our original filing is here [PDF ]. Note that we are claiming, among other things, compensatory damages of ONE MILLION DOLLARS—AND attorney fees and costs! As I said in March, there is very extensive federal case law establishing the principle that local governments must respect the First Amendment rights of even unpopular groups. It’s not a close call. This is why our lawyers are so confident. We have a very real chance to score a stunning victory for—and for the cause of immigration patriotism.

Since then, there have been several developments: