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From The Objective, a counter letter explaining why people who get canceled deserve it. A More Specific Letter on Justice and Open Debate On Tuesday, 153 of the most prominent journalists, authors, and writers, including J. K. Rowling, Malcolm Gladwell, and David Brooks, published an open call for civility in Harper’s Magazine. They write, in the pages of a prominent magazine that’s infamous for ...
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00m54s  The weirdness of it all.  (Strange times.) 06m41s  GOP vs. GOP.  (Republicans for a Democratic Congress.) 13m54s  Joe's population policy.  (He doesn't know he's got one, but he has.) 16m55s  Importing all the world's problems.  (Dalit discrimination in the Valley.) 22m06s  Denying the woke mob's most cherished myth.  (A tangled tale.) 34m40s  Where will Hong Kongers go?  (Their preference...
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From the Wisconsin State-Journal: Mexican American man charged with hate crime in fatal crash in WisconsinASSOCIATED PRESS 7 hrs ago DOUG RAFLIK, THE REPORTER FOND DU LAC — A Mexican American man from Wisconsin is charged with homicide as a hate crime because prosecutors say he intentionally crashed his pickup truck into a motorcyclist and killed the man because he was white. Daniel Navarro, 27...
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Melrose is in Massachusetts. Mexican ladies famously tend to see Jesus or the Virgin Mary in the mold growing on an old tortilla. But, that’s at least visualizing something Good in the world? What is it when large numbers of the public are constantly imagining manifestations of Evil in the world? It’s reminiscent of Stalinist paranoia about wreckers. [Comment at]...
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Do the Democrats even want to win in November? Is the Speaker of the House declaring Mob Rule really a winning ploy? [Comment at]...
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Earlier: Arrests Made in Lighter Fluid-Fueled Firebombing of Madison Jail Two weeks later, we finally have a Development, of sorts, in Althea Bernstein’s “Biracial Woman Set on Fire by ‘Classic Wisconsin Frat Boys'” Hate Crime of the Century/hate hoax of the week. From Channel3000: ‘It happened really fast’: Audio of call to dispatch details woman’s report of being set on fire Updated: July 9, 20...
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Earlier: "Olivier's Occupation's Gone"—When White Men Were Allowed To Play Black Roles, Olivier Tried Harder From the New York Times: ‘Hamilton,’ ‘The Simpsons’ and the Problem With Colorblind Casting Animated shows are finally moving away from letting white actors play characters of color. But even well-intentioned efforts at increasing diversity create complications. By Maya PhillipsJuly 8, 2020...
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From NBC News: Gun violence is surging in cities, and hitting communities of color hardest Communities of color have endured the weight of COVID-19, the recession and social unrest. They’re also bearing the brunt of a surge in gun violence.July 9, 2020, 6:51 AM PDTBy Safia Samee AliCHICAGO — For many major U.S. cities, this year has been marked by bullets and bloodshed. Over 1,500 people have bee...
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From The New Yorker: Slate Star Codex and Silicon Valley’s War Against the Media How a controversial rationalist blogger became a mascot and martyr in a struggle against the New York Times. By Gideon Lewis-Kraus July 9, 2020 On June 22nd, visitors to Slate Star Codex, a long-standing blog of considerable influence, discovered that the site’s cerulean banner and graying WordPress design scheme had...
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If you rank low on the Intersectional Totem Pole (e.g., you are a straight white male American), which kind of cancelation mob do you least want to tangle with? Obviously, both quantity and quality of Social Justice Jihadis are considerations. For example, there are a huge number of Nice White Ladies, but are they particularly intimidating per capita? So, in this tourney, we’re seeding Woke activi...


By Anthony Boehm on 07/09/2020

See, earlier: A Reader Is Cheered By Stories Of Blacks Abandoning The "Racist" USA. Can This Be Encouraged?

After weeks of rioting, looting, and wanton attacks on whites, after weeks of tearing down statues of Confederates and Columbus, after months and years of hearing the lie that it is unsafe to be a black man or woman in the systemically racist USA, it’s time to admit that black nationalist Marcus Garvey was right. Blacks and whites just can’t get along. It’s time for Americans to look seriously at one answer to the racial injustice, real and imagined, that “peaceful protesters,” Black Lives Matter, and Antifa say must be rectified: not reparations, meaning a cash payment from those who never owned slaves to those who never were slaves (see Carl Horowitz’s refutation Slavery Reparations: Revival of a Bad Idea [PDF]) but restitution—offering blacks the chance to return, at taxpayer expense, to their ancestral homelands in Africa…which is in fact what black separatist Garvey advocated.

Let me be clear: Cops are not shooting black men for no reason. Things are better for blacks today than for most of our history and for blacks anywhere else.

But the fact remains that impressions are real. Many blacks really do think they should fear police and other government agencies. We must accept this. Denying it, or explaining why blacks have nothing to fear, is pointless.

A historical analogy: Blacks’ fears and resentments are reminiscent of those among Sudeten-Germans in the Czechoslovak Republic before World War II. When the Austro-Hungarian Empire was dismantled in 1918, the German-speaking people of Bohemia, later called Sudetenland, suddenly found themselves under Czech rule. Most non-German observers thought the country was a bastion of democracy in Central Europe. But the Sudeten-Germans, like American blacks, did not perceive the state in which they lived as democratic or even fair.

By Patrick J. Buchanan on 07/09/2020

Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Biden Vows To Rip Out Roots Of Systemic Racism, i.e. Seize The Equity In Your Home

Before our Black Lives Matter moment, one had not thought of NBCUniversal as shot through with “systemic racism.”

Yet, what other explanation is there for this week’s draconian personnel decision of NBCUniversal chairman Cesar Conde.

According to Conde, the white share of NBC’s workforce, now 74% and divided evenly between men and women, will be chopped to 50%.

Persons of color—Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and multiracial folks—are to rise from the present 26% of NBCUniversal’s workforce to 50%. 

What does this mean?

White men will be slashed as a share of NBCUniversal’s employees from the present 38% to 25%,—a cut of one-third—and then capped to ensure that people of color and women reach and remain at 50%.

White men can fall below one-fourth of the workforce, but their numbers will not be permitted to go any higher.

To impose racial and gender quotas like this on the workforce at NBCUniversal—half women, half persons of color—would seem to trample all over the spirit, if not the letter, of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

By Ann Coulter on 07/08/2020

See, earlier: Jared Taylor Patiently Educates Lucian K. Truscott IV (!) About "White Supremacy" And Thomas Jefferson

Fascinating news from The New York Times this week! Reviewing its op-ed titled “I’m a Direct Descendant of Thomas Jefferson. Take Down His Memorial,” I gather we now weigh Americans’ opinions based on who their ancestors are.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but the rules are the rules. Otherwise, why would the Times consider it so important to publish Lucian Truscott, a great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Jefferson, at all?

Blut uber alles!

Obviously, we’re going to need a list of Whose Opinion Matters. Here’s my first stab at it:

Descendants of John Adams will have their views count the most. Adams was a giant of the Revolution, our second president, and never owned slaves.

Descendants of George Washington will come next. Some will bicker with this, inasmuch as he is the father of our country, but based on our new standards, he gets demerits for owning slaves—though, unlike Jefferson, at least he freed them on his death. (This is a freebie: Washington’s only child was the United States of America.)

By Michelle Malkin on 07/08/2020

Earlier: Progressive Antiquarianism: Hating Riot Victims Because Of Their Ancestors' Past

If you support the Second Amendment, oppose mob anarchy and reject the monumental madness gripping America, then you stand with Steven Baca.

If you have been outraged by the persecution and prosecution of brave patriots across the country defending their homes, their families, our downtowns, our national heritage and history—like the armed St. Louis couple, or the armed pregnant Michigan mom, or the armed citizens in the Fishtown suburb of Philadelphia, Boise, Idaho, and Provo, Utah, facing down the saboteurs of civil order, then you stand with Steven Baca.

On June 15, Steven and several other friends and neighbors gathered peacefully at Tiguex Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to protect a statue of Spanish conquistador Juan de Onate targeted by agitators identified as Black Lives Matter protesters. What does Onate have to do with St. George Floyd or any of the other clients of race hustler Benjamin Crump? Nothing. The coordinated violence and chaos unleashed by a toxic convergence of BLM, antifa, jobless college students and garden-variety cop-haters have nothing to do with black lives. Or with "justice." Or police brutality. Or equality.

By James Kirkpatrick on 07/07/2020

Earlier: Trump's Speech Hated By People Who Hate America and A Culture War Battle Trump Can Win

President Trump made a start towards recasting the presidential race on July 4, but he needs to match his words with actions. The unhinged Main Stream Media response to what would have been considered patriotic banalities from any other president shows he has an opening to rally America against JournoFa and in defense of our heroes, history, and identity. But American identity is fragmenting because people are given specific incentives to disassociate from it. My view: Trump needs to run on a civic nationalist platform with three essential components: ending Affirmative Action racial privileges; immigration restriction; economic populism. A symbolic Culture War just won’t be enough.

Trump didn’t say anything revolutionary or especially right-wing in his July 4 address. It shows how beaten down American patriots are that so many reacted to it like a man in the desert would react to an oasis [Trump’s Independence Day Speech Was Not ‘Dark’ Or ‘Divisive,’ It Was American, by Margot Cleveland, The Federalist, July 6, 2020]. But contrast the way leading newspapers covered it:

What was so “dark” and “warlike” about Trump’s speech? Nothing. Brit Hume at Fox News has proclaimed it “utterly mystifying” that America’s leading newspapers and journalists found the speech so troubling. “I have rarely seen such biased and misleading coverage and such extravagant opinion reaction to this than I saw this weekend,” he said [Brit Hume: Why biased coverage of Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech ‘ could be a turning point,by Talia Kaplan, Fox News, July 7, 2020].

Of course, this isn’t “mystifying” at all to us. There is a vast Diversity Industry that incentivizes people to not associate themselves with American history and identity. Consider Colin Kaepernick. He denounced July 4 as a “white supremacist” celebration. This was completely different from what he was tweeting just a few years ago [Colin Kaepernick mocked for tweet calling 4th of July ‘celebration of white supremacy, Fox6, July 6 2020].

Has Kaepernick paid a price for this? No, he has not. Instead, he’s getting a fawning documentary from Disney, once the most mainstream “Americana” company that could possibly exist [Colin Kaepernick, Disney announce partnership deal, ESPN, July 6, 2020].