Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome

Puerto Rican Shooter At Fort Hood: Despite "Commonwealth" Status, It's Still Immigrant Mass Murder

The recent shooting at Fort Hood by Puerto Rican National Guard soldier Ivan Lopez, who was a Puerto Rican (from Puerto Rico) has, as usual received curiously little coverage on the ethnic aspect.

Baltimore Mall Shooting: Black Shooter Kills Two White People, Wounds Five, Possibly After Being Rejected By A White Girl

In the recent Mall Of Columbia shooting,  a black teenager walked into a mall with a shotgun, killed two white people his own age, possibly because he'd been rejected by a white girl in favor of a white man.

Here's Darion Marcus Aguilar:

Mexican "Queens Dad" Kills Wife, Then Two Daughters Because He Didn't Have Car Seats to Take Them Back to Mexico

Here's a really sick and outrageous  example of Mexican family values from the New York Post, which calls the murderer a "Queens Dad".  The murderer is an illegal, and would probably  be eligible for amnesty.  From the Post:

USA TODAY Mass Killing Database OMITS Race And Immigration Status

Because there have been four mass killings in the last week, depending how you count these things, USA Today has produced an interactive database which will sort killings by type of killings, state, number of victims, weapon, and a couple of other factors, but NOT race and immigration status.

Tony Ng, Convicted In 1983 Immigrant Mass Murder, Gets Parole

Thanks to reader-researcher “W,” who writes

I had forgotten about this incident. Not much to prevent him from re-entering the country under another persona.

"They Had Too Much": Brooklyn Butcher Not Just Immigrant But Illegal Alien

Very unusually, the MSM is now directly confirming our earlier report that yesterday's appalling familicide in New York was a case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome—even adding the devastating detail that the s

Appalling Brooklyn Familicide ANOTHER Case Of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. MSM To Call For Knife Control?

The MSM never says directly, but it took's crack investigators even less time than usual to establish that Saturday night's appalling familicide is a case of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome:

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